Research and Development

Forging technology is a metal forming technology. The preheated or unpreheated green material achieves plastic deformation of the metal under appropriate external pressure, and the applied external force is usually provided by strong forging or stamping. During the forging process, the material has solid flow characteristics and the finished product is close to the desired appearance, so it can achieve better mechanical characteristics and save processing man-hours. Due to the phenomenon of grain flow in the plastic deformation of the metal, the products of the forging process have better physical properties (such as strength, ductility and toughness) than the general production methods such as CASTING, stamping or machining. The existing forging machines range from 80 tons to 600 tons, which are used to produce palm-sized products. The raw materials used are aluminum alloy and stainless steel.

About OZE

Since its establishment in 1954, OZE INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. has been one of the largest professional hot forging factories in Taiwan, and one of the few manufacturers in Taiwan with a wide range of metal profiles. The main product materials include Carbon steel, Alloy steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum alloy, Titanium alloy, and so on. Our products include Automotive parts, Machinery parts, Golf club parts, High-Pressure ball valve parts, Semiconductor equipment parts, etc.


◎car parts    ◎Precision mechanical parts    ◎Agricultural machinery parts
◎High pressure valve    ◎Other forged products

Quality & inspection

◎Magnetic Particle Inspection    ◎Hardness Tester    ◎Metallographical Microscope